Global MBA Fellow – Blue Chapter

Global MBA / Masters Fellow

Apply to top Masters / MBA programs abroad under the guidance of experts and alums from top schools.

Feb / Mar 2024

Live experience program + 10-hour live Bootcamp

Why this fellowship program

Join the intensive fellowship program & increase your chances of getting into your target program:

Step 1: Introspect about what you want out of the Masters program under the guidance of a mentor (1-1 session)

Step 2: Learn about your target schools, scholarships, jobs, and connect with Alums from these schools (10-hour BootCamp)

Step 3: Work on a Live Management Consulting project with an international client

Step 4: Continue to build your profile under the guidance of a mentor.

Step 5: Continue the entire application journey with a small support group (4-5 other aspirants)

What is included in the Global Masters/MBA fellow program?

Live international project

This program offers you a live international project experience that you can mention in your essays. This will add immense value to your profile as adcom members value international work experience & they are quite vocal about it. This will be in the space of Sustainability, which will be an added advantage to your profile.

Expert interactions

This program includes a 10-hour live BootCamp where you will understand the on-ground realities of universities, post-graduation jobs, and geographical differences. We will also talk about profile development, spikes required to crack top business schools, and the approach to writing essays.

Guided cohort

You will be paired with 4 other aspirants from the cohort. You work with your cohort and be motivated to take your application journey forward under the guidance of our mentors.

Program Coordinators

Prof. Giulio Buciuni

Giulio Buciuni is the Director of the MSc in Entrepreneurship Program, Trinity College Dublin. Under the guidance of Prof. Buciuni, this program has gained international recognition & currently ranked among the top 10 Masters programs for Entrepreneurship worldwide.

Giulio is also the co-founder of Blue Chapter & Design on Site.

Giulio published in several leading scientific journals with professors from top business schools, like Harvard Business School and the University of Toronto.

Pavan Sathiraju

Pavan is the co-founder of Cases Over Coffee, Blue Chapter, and a few other ed-tech startups.

Pavan is an ex-McKinsey consultant in their New York & San Francisco offices. He has worked across 10+ countries and graduated from INSEAD.

Pavan regularly delivers sessions at some of the top universities around the world including Stanford, ISB, IIM Bangalore, IIT Bombay, amongst many others.

Who will benefit?

Undergrad Students

Students who want to get into deferred MBA programs (Including ISB YLP program)


Professionals who are planning for an MBA or Masters degree abroad (Including ISB).

Prior MBA/Masters students

Prior Masters/MBA students who are now looking forward to get a second masters/MBA degree

Global Masters/MBA Fellow

Feb / Mar 2024

Selections based on your responses to the application (Application fee – Rs 1500, non-refundable) & program fee (42,000 INR if selected)

Still have questions?

I work full-time. Do I have time to take this program?

We designed this program for aspiring MBA and Masters candidates. You should be ready to commit at least 2 hours every week for the next 6 months (The more time you commit to improving your profile, the better your chances of getting into a top program).

All the mentor discussions, boot camps, and live sessions related to international projects are scheduled for weekends.

What is the program structure?

  1. The first aspect of the program is gaining international experience through a live experience.
  2. The second aspect – You will learn the basics about studying abroad, universities, applications,  ROI, Scholarships, Visas, and other aspects related to studying abroad.
  3. You will work under the guidance of a mentor until you submit your application.
  4. You will work along with a small cohort (4-5 members) until you submit your application.

You are introduced to the client’s problem statement.

You connect with your working team (less than 5 people) to collectively understand the client’s situation and think through the next steps

On the 9th & 10th days – You will work through the day (8 hours each day) under the guidance of your mentor to analyze the situation and solve the client’s challenge.

Am I eligible? What are the pre-requisites?

You are eligible! We designed the experience program for the folks who are interested to study abroad.

There are no prerequisites. We will help you pick up the basics and get ready to apply for the desired study abroad program.

What is the cost structure?

The application fee is Rs 1500 (non-refundable).

If you are selected, the program fee is Rs 42,000.

If you are interested in 1-1 mentorship from one of our experts on a long term basis, then please contact [email protected]

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