Live Sprint in Management Consulting
Kick-start your transition to Management Consulting.
  • Work on a live stategy project under the guidance of MBB consultants.
  • Personalized roadmap to build on your current strengths and apply to the right roles in Consulting.
  • Get referrals, and 1-1 support to crack your dream role.

Accelerate your career in 12 weeks

Pavan Sathiraju
Ex-McKinsey Silicon Valley, MuSigma
Live Project


25-30 students

Cohort size

5 hours/week

12 weeks

May/June 2024

Start date



lifelong access

Course content

What our cohort members say about their experiences
HaindaviIncoming BCG
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This program was a great value addition to my resume. I secured an offer from the BCG India office and was asked questions about the internship & experience during my interviews. It made my profile stand out and showcased a diversity of experiences not too common at the undergraduate level.
AbhishekINSEAD 23J
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The project was challenging and also a great learning experience. This experience helped me understand the challenges I will face as a consultant & how I can solve them. Recommended for aspiring consultants & anybody looking to sharpen their problem-solving skills.
SanjnaNYU Stern
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The concept was new & the timelines were also challenging. A few of the cohort members had 5+ years of experience and a few were undergrad students which made it even more fun:) The client, mentors & professor helped us at every stage. Best way to get your hands dirty!
SujaySoftware at Caavo
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The work with Notomia is definitely a valid addition and a lot of learning experience in terms of sustainable development. It couldn’t be any better, thanks blue chapter for this, and thanks Pavan for creating this platform and opportunities for people like me who want to pivot into consulting.
AnilIIM C MBAEx Co'23
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The project introduced me to my mentors and clients abroad. And gave me the opportunity to work with the sharpest minds in the industry. This also helped me build my network with like-minded individuals. I hope to continue learning from Blue Chapter & thank you for the opportunity.
Why This Global Experience Program?
Learn about Consulting through Experience

This program offers you a live international Consulting experience where you solve a real-time client problem with your cohort. You can proudly mention about this experience in the main section of your CV and talk about this experience in your interviews.

Career Transition

The primary goal is to help you transition from your current job to Consulting. We provide you access to our personal referral network, interview preparation bootcamps, and support you in tweaking your current resume into a consulting resume.

Personalized feedback & assistance

Your aspirations and transition plans are unique to you! We help you on a personalized basis, review your resume, build a transition roadmap, and help you with personal referrals.

Global perspective

You get to directly engage with top business school professors/ Management Consultants from McKinsey, Bain & BCG. ALL our mentors have worked in North America, Europe, or Singapore. And you will learn from their diverse perspectives.

Join the intensive consulting experience program, where you will:
Week 1: You will learn about
  • Management Consulting career path, salaries, and nature of projects.
  • Top Consulting Companies – Strategy / Execution / Domain Specific firms
  • Interview process & how to build spikes to get interview invites
  • Introduction to client business & problem statement
Week 2: What will you execute
  • You will be allocated a small cohort (3-4 members) for the entire project duration. And you will do all the analysis and build the presentation at this micro cohort level.
  • You will learn about issue trees and hypotheses trees. Build an Issue tree/hypotheses tree for the client problem statement
  • You will learn about primary research and secondary research. Conduct research to get an independent view of the client’s business
  • You will build your emerging hypotheses under the guidance of mentor
Week 3: What will you execute
  • Learn about skeletons and ghost documents. Build a ghost document for your problem statement
  • Learn about top-down / bottom – up prioritization. Prioritize the problem statements to be investigated using the top-down/bottom-up approach.
  • Get introduced to the “Answer first” approach & build the emerging answer with the whole cohort in a PowerPoint (based on the answer first approach).
  • Conduct goal seek / sensitivity / ground level analysis as necessary
Week 4: What will you execute
  • Further strengthen the analysis through case studies, competitor analysis, and triangulation of previous analysis.
  • Build the executive summary for your presentation and share it with the group.
  • Present your findings in a live setup – To the cohort and to the mentors
Week 5: What you will execute
  • Iterate on your findings and align your storyline with the overall project storyline
  • Build your top-down presentation & rehearse it with the Blue Chapter team
  • Interact with the client and present your findings
What you will learn:
  • Corporate communication
  • Creating impactful presentations
  • Client and stakeholder management
Week 7 – Week 8:
You will receive support on the following dimensions:

  • Navigating your job search
  • Case interview preparation through 6-HOURS LIVE bootcamps
  • Guesstimates, Profitability, Operations cases, Market Entry, Personal Experience interviews, and Charts/Graphs are covered in these live sessions
  • Resume and Cover Letter feedback
  • Referrals
  • Mentoring by industry professionals
Comparison of Management Consulting Courses
Program Features MBA (T2) Intl. Prgms Other
Practical Exposure
Transition Roadmap
Class Size 25-30 75+ 300+ 300+
Personalized Feedback
Career Assistance 1:1 1:1
Price 27K INR 4-5 Lakh INR $2000 USD 30 - 50K INR
Program features Blue Chapter MBA (T2) Intl. Courses Others
Practical Exposure
Roadmap - Analytics to Consulting
Class Size 25-30 75+ 300+ 300+
Personalized Feedback
Career Assistance 1:1 1:1
Price 30,000 INR 4-5 lakh INR $2000 USD 29,999 INR
Guest Mentors

Phil Mallet

Ex-Bain, Australia

Phil Mallet

Ex-Bain, Australia

Jenny Salazar

Notomia, Milan

Jenny Salazar

Notomia, Milan
Who will benefit?


Students who want to get into consulting & show their intent to the recruiter through practical experience.


Professionals who plan to switch career paths, come back to workforce, build their network, or experience consulting.

MBA aspirants

Professionals who are also MBA aspirants considering Consulting as a post-MBA career can highlight this in essays.

Every Global Experience Program comes with Blue Chapter Membership

With membership, you get access to live webinars, flash workshops, and the best GLOBAL network in the business world.

Live Webinars

Hear directly from Industry practitioners from BCG, Bain, McKinsey, Sequoia, Dalberg, Google, etc. directly about corporate skills, business strategy, and job search

Flash Workshops

Exclusive FREE access to a flash session with a small group (Upto 7 people) on career counseling. Led by Global Industry Practitioners.

Continuous learnings

Access to the exclusive global knowledge material created & curated by Industry professionals around the the world

Still have questions?

We designed this experience program for full-time professionals and students. We understand that it is difficult to add another thing to your schedule. So, the sessions are organized over the weekend. We expect you to commit 4-5 hours every week to the experience program. Whatever group you belong in, we’ve found that our alumni have been able to sustain this over the 5-6 week period.

You are eligible! We designed the experience program for the folks who are interested to experience consulting world and improve their CV.

There are no prerequisites. We will help you pick up the basics and get ready to solve the client challenge.

These LIVE experience programs typically cost, upwards of USD 1000$, given the extensive involvement of BCG/Bain/McKinsey Consultants &/or Top Business School Professors. However, we have been able to subsidize this program and right now being offered at INR 27,000 (No refunds).

Yes. It is possible. Our lead instructor on the program Pavan Sathiraju has transitioned from Analytics to Consulting. We have folks in our network who moved from IT to Consulting.

We will help you improve your resume, and apply to the right roles in Consulting through the right channels. 

Join the Live Sprint in Machine Learning & Strategy

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Join the Live Sprint in Management Consulting

You are eligible for a limited period discount of 10,000 INR. Please fill the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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